Rifuge Cima Piemp Tignale

Cima Piemp (the top of the Piemp mountain) is located 1,160 metres above sea level.
All year round this place offers incredible views; on one side you can see the mountain range of Monte Baldo and Lake Garda, on the other the valleys of Vestino and Trentino.

Here on the Cima (the top) you will find a refuge and a small church built by the Tignale group of the Alpini. Construction began in 1983, and took three years. The site was inaugurated on August 10th 1986.

Today the refuge has a small bar which is managed directly by the Tignale group of the Alpini:
From the 1st of May, the bar is open on Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Also, for groups of 10 people or more, it is possible to book a meal and an overnight stay (for the overnight stay you will need to bring your own sleeping bag).


How to get there

Cima piemp is easily accessible from Gardola (550 metres above sea level) by car or mountain bike. The route takes you along an asphalt track following trail sign No. 253. The track is steep in places, crossing the village of Olzano at a height of 625 metres above sea level.

Alternatively Cima Piemp can be reached by following a series of paths: the most popular with hikers are those marked with trail markers n.246, n.249, n,256 and n.255. this route separates from the n.253 near La Forca, and finishes near the Acqua Sinega, just before the Roccola di Traval (1089m. above sea level) where it connects with trail marker n.253 (an unpaved track that connects Passo d’Ere with Piemp.

Along this hike you can still see the numerous caves dug by the Italian military during world war 1 for the second line of resistance.

Bike Cima Piemp Refuge