Outdoor pool

Located in Prabione, 2 km far from Gardola and very close to the Alto Garda Bresciano Park Museum, the swimming pool also offers a bar service and both a football and tennis outdoor courts. Big parking space available.


Swimming Pool open from middle june to end of august.

Free entry with Tignale Card !

Prices without Tignale Card:

  • Adults: € 4,50
  • Children 3-12 years: € 3,50

Windsurf and Kitesurf

There ar several beaches on lake Garda dedicated to surfers where you can practice both windsurf or kitesurf. All this is possible thanks to the winds, often very favorable: all the areas in the northern part of Lake Garda have this important charteristic.

The waters and winds of Pra dela Fam, at the Port of Tignale, are ideal for water sports!

Here there is the possibility to practice and learn: windsurf, kitesurf, flyboard, hoverboard, standup paddling, kayak, walking ball and sailing.


If you are passionate about this sport, and are already fitted out with all the necessary equipment, you can practice it at the port of Tignale, which is equipped with chutes for sailing boats. The whole area from Tignale to Campione is particularly suitable for sailing due to the presence of winds that blow intensely from dawn to dusk (the famous Peler in the morning and the Ora in the afternoon).

Il Lago di Garda ospita già dal 1951 anche alcune prestigiose competizioni veliche come la Centomiglia durante il mese di settembre e il Trofeo Gorla nello stesso periodo.

On Lake Garda there are several sailing schools where even beginners can approach this beautiful sport. The nautical centres on the shores of Lake Garda offer courses for all sailors, even the youngest ones! The nearest sailing clubs are:

Indoor Pools

Unfortunately in Tignale there are no public indoor swimmingpools. However, is it possible to find nearby specialise where you can swim indoors, even during the winter season.

Below is a list of the indoor swimming pools that are the closest toTignale, which can be reached by car or public transport.