Join our excursion to see the largest and most majestic island on the lake: -Garda Island.

Enjoy a day exploring the enchanting Venetian Gothic villa.

Immerse yourself in the heavenly ambience of this delightful place. 
A haven of peace and tranquility, enveloped by a beautiful horizon.



Booking is required



Detailed program:

Departure at 12.30 p.m. with bus from Tignale

Boat Tour from Gargnano to the Isola del Garda

Welcome drink

Guided tour of the Isola del Garda

Back at 5:30 p.m.

The tour may be subject to changes in departure time and date depending on the organiser's availability




Adults € 63,00
Reduced (13-17 and Over 65): € 59,00
Children (4-12) € 45,00
Dogs (di piccola taglia) € 3,00

Reduced prices with Tignale Card: 

Adults € 58,00
Reduced (13-17 and Over 65): € 54,00
Children € 40,00

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