The male voice choir called “Coro Montecastello” came into being on the 14th November 1984 on the initiative of a group of people keen on traditional mountain songs and local folk songs who decided to create a choir worthy of the name!

The aim of the group was, and still is, to get together without any pretensions to professionalism, to enjoy themselves singing and to make the songs of the mountain area they love better known. 
There are twenty-six male singers between 25 and 65 years old divided into four groups: first and second tenor, baritone and bass.
Their repertoire consists of about fifty songs, which range from popular and traditional songs of mountain areas, to nostalgic songs of the Alpini soldiers and vivacious folk songs.


Ten years after the foundation of the choir they produced a music cassette, and in 2003 they recorded a compact disc with 16 of the best songs in their repertoire.
The choir has performed at numerous events, at several mountain choir festivals and has sung many times in the area around Lake Garda, especially for German tourists.
In February 2004 the choir sang at one of the most important international tourism fairs, in Nuremberg.
Their performance was both much appreciated and applauded!