Park Museum

The Alto Garda Bresciano Park Visitor Centre uses innovative ways of informing visitors about the local area within the regional park in a fascinating and entertaining sequence.

It introduces visitors to this beautiful region with varied scenery ranging from the Mediterranean-type landscape of the lakeside zone to the wonderful alpine environment of its inland area:

• illustrates its formation

• history

• traditional activities ranging from fishing to the cultivation of lemons

• from agriculture in the mountain areas to the products of its local craftsmen


It does so using sights and sounds, evoking people and environments, old tools and natural history collections, videos and interactive points in a modern and interesting way. An experience to remember!



Loc. Campogrande - Fraz. Prabione - 25080 Tignale (Bs)
Tel. 0365 761049  - 0365 73354

Ufficio cultura Comunità Montana 0365 71449 (int. 225 - 227)