The Oil Mill

The extra virgin olive oil from Tignale’s “Latteria Turnaria” Co-operative is an organic product of the highest quality.The local luxuriant varieties of olive trees are grown along terraces in one of the most attractive areas of the local regional park (Parco Alto Garda Bresciano) and are cultivated using traditional methods. 

The olives are handpicked and then taken directly to the olive mill. The cold pressed oil is golden-coloured and has a fruity taste.

You can visit the oil mill in Tignale, buy oil and other produts and be informed about the production of the oil and its characteristics from the people who work there.


Oleificio Biologico di Tignale (Tignale Organic Oil Mill)
Via XXIV Maggio - 25080 Tignale (Bs)
Tel. 0365 73471 - 0365 73087