Lake Garda is the favorite destination of Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks

The Lake Garda area is a favourite destination for all those who love the thrills and excitement of amusement parks thanks to the presence of numerous ones here , famous throughout Italy.

• Fantasia
• Avventura
• Adrenalina
• Shows
• Shops
• Bar
• Restaurants

.. and much more!

A major feature of the park is the presence of large themed areas, in particular:

• Burma
• Atlantis
• Hawaii
• Egypt
• East
• Far West
• Africa
• Europe in the last century

Furthermore, since the park is near an almost inexhaustible source of water (Lake Garda), visitors cannot help but note the extensive use water in the last few years. In fact, most of the attractions recently installed use water as a key element in the conception of the attraction itself.

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In the first half of the eighties, this structure began to evolve in the form of a real amusement park. Following the invention of the waterslide in fact, this was the first place in Italy to open to the public a structure with a series of pools with courses of waterslides of different shapes and here was also one of the first wave pools in Europe.
​In 2002 the "Movieland Studios" was located in an adjacent area; the first Italian cinema theme park dedicated to the great Hollywood film productions, inspired by the corresponding U.S. facilities.

Today the structure is greatly enriched and offers the following attractions:

Water Paradise

Water park that reproduces a Caribbean island devastated by a typhoon

Movieland Studios

Cinema-theme amusement park

Medieval Times

Entertainment reproducing a mediaeval tournament during the dinner of the spectators

Rock Star Restaurant

Restaurant with American cuisine and restaurant decor in 60s - 70s style


This park houses many species of rare animals and those in danger of extinction, as well as other more common but no less important types, for a total of about 200 different kinds. In the beautiful setting of the hills around Lake Garda, this oasis full of nature is structured in different subject areas.

The Fauna Park where the animals from every part of the world live in large enclosures, houses also the Aviary Tropical Greenhouse, the Dinosaurs  park with life-size models and the Aquaterrarium with tropical fish and invertebrates. This Fauna Park is visited via a pedestrian path. The Safari Park however, with typical animals of the savannah , is visited using your own car.